Columbus in 1985

One or more bids for the 1985 Nasfic.

This one is a bit complicated. It started out as a hoax bid, by one group of fans and later turned into a real bid by an entirely different group.

The hoax was begun by Craig Miller, an LA fan, at a Midwestcon. When he and ten other fen managed to quickly find a place for dinner and get their food ordered, they concluded that they worked together so well they joked that they were destined to run a bid for Columbus. Miller found this amusing, and on returning to LA, he requested information of facilities in Columbus.

Three days before Octocon, an Ohio relaxacon, Miller learned that a NY fan had reserved a suite at the Octocon hotel which might be made available for a Columbus bid party. Three days later, Miller arrived at Octocon with materials like bid flyers while Genny Dazzo and the other NY fan procured party supplies. They set up a party, displayed the bid literature, opened the suite and then left. Fans found it, read the flyers and wondered.

The next step in the hoax was to arrange for Mike Lawlor, a Cincinnati fan, to call Larry Smith (one of the leading Columbus fans) and asked him why he hadn't invited Mike onto his bid committee. "What bid committee?" Larry asked. Mike: "Columbus in '85." Larry: "But that was supposed to be a secret!" Mike later played the same joke on Bob Hillis.

Rumor has it that Larry, who was trying to organize a Columbus Nasfic bid, was heard to say, "No wonder the hotels wouldn't talk with us!"

Based on an anonymous source, Mike Glyer reported it as a hoax bid in the December 1981 File 770 #29 p2. In File 770 #30 p4, he unveiled the whole story.

[Somehow, this all got sorted out and by late 1982 there was a real Columbus Nasfic bid.]

A bid to hold the 1985 Nasfic at the Hyatt Regency at Ohio Center and the Sheraton Columbus Plaza in Columbus, OH. It lost to Austin in '85. See 1985 Nasfic Site Selection results for details.

It was chaired by Celia Smith and the committee was Jean Airey, Barb Alexander, John Ayotte, Mark Evans, Liz Gross, Bob Hillis, Tom Huff, Sally Kobee-Ludwig, Van Siegling, Larry Smith and Tom Van Horne.

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