Chicon 1

The 1940 Worldcon, and first in Chicago, Chicon was held in the Hotel Chicagoan in Chicago, Ill. September 1-2, 1940. The GoH was E. E. "Doc" Smith. The chairman was Mark Reinsberg.

Chicon I was sponsored by Illini Fantasy Fictioneer, a club set up for the purpose, and run by a triumvirate. Reinsberg held the title of chairman (he'd won that title in a "bitter struggle" with W. Lawrence Hamling who claimed to have elected), with Erle Korshak (secretary and executive advisor) and Bob Tucker (treasurer and Director of the IFF) as equal partners. Sully Roberds did publications. Korshak presided over the opening day of the con, when Reinsberg fell ill.

Although the official membership count was 128, Tucker reported that Ray Palmer signed the membership book five times, using his own name and four of his pseudonyms. (This appears to have been common in the early days.)

The Chicon was also the place where Claude Degler made his first public appearance at a fannish event.

Chicon I Program

Denver in 1941 won the right to host the 1941 Worldcon over a New York in 1941 bid. See 1941 Site Selection results.

1940 Site Selection results

See Forrest J Ackerman's remembrance of Chicon I for the Noreascon Three PB.

N.b., as of 1944 the custom of naming Worldcons like Chicon was still not settled. In particular, naming a con after the host city in some way was definitely not an established custom. (IA) Program book at Fanac

from Fancyclopedia 1 ca. 1944
(Ackerman) - The Chicago 1940 World Science-Fiction Convention

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