CAN*CON '94 was held May 13-15, 1994 at the Talisman Hotel in Ottawa, Canada. The guests were, Writers: S.M. Stirling, Donald Kingsbury, Tom Henighan, Bertrand Desbiens, Ron Holla; Editor: Cath Jackel; Fan: Paul Valcour. With so many, it seems likely that the people listed as "guests" were not all guests of honor.

CAN*CON '94 included a Computer Expo that featured the just released Doom game — networked on multiple machines with VR head-tracking helmets, interactive multimedia from Jeff Green, hands-on access to the newly released Mosaic web browser, and discussions by technical experts (Paul Wilson, San Mehet) and a sociologist (Síân Reid) on how to connect to and the future of the Internet.

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