A convention series in Kansas City, MO from 1972 to 1979, sponsored by the Kansas City Science Fiction & Fantasy Society. (See also Mid-America Con and ConQuesT.)

Convention Date GoH FGoH
BYOB-Con 1 1972
BYOB-Con 3 1973
BYOB-Con 4 1974 Wilson Tucker Hoy Ping Pong
BYOB-Con 5 July 18-20, 1975 Robert Bloch Linda Bushyager, Ron Bushyager
BYOB-Con 6 May 14-16, 1976 C. L. Moore Fred Haskell
BYOB-Con 7 June 3-5, 1977 C. J. Cherryh Bill Fesselmeyer, Sherry Fesselmeyer
BYOB-Con 8 May 26-29, 1978 Kate Wilhelm Jan Howard Finder
BYOB-Con 9 May 25-27, 1979 Karl Edward Wagner Martha Beck
{$website} {$files} . 1972 1979

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