(1) A Fanzine by Jack Chapman Miske and Walter Marconette

A single-issue 22-page fanzine devoted to weird fiction published by Jack Chapman Miske and Walter Marconette in January 1941. It may have been the renamed final issue of Scienti-Snaps.

Contributors included Forrest J Ackerman, Hannes Bok, John W. Campbell, Jr., Walter Marconette, A. Merritt, J. Chapman Miske, Earl Singleton, E.E. Smith, and Harry Warner, Jr..

(2) A Fanzine by Tom Covington

A fanzine published by Tom Covington in Wilmington, NC. There were two issues.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 September 1950 Listed as the official organ of SFD
2 September 1951 Final issue

(3) A Convention Fanzine

The fanzine of the Australian convention Danse Macabre.
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