Best Professional Artist Hugo

The Best Professional Artist Hugo category is one of the oldest and best-established categories. In 1953, the first year the Hugos were awarded, there were two categories, Best Cover Artist and Best Interior Illustrator. Starting in 1955, the second time the Hugos were awarded, there was the single Best Professional Artist category and it has continue to the present day except for Loncon in 1957 (which had its own categories) and Solacon in 1958 which called the category Outstanding Artist.

Year Winner
1939 Virgil Finlay
1946 Virgil Finlay
1951 Kelly Freas
1953 (tie): Hannes Bok and Ed Emshwiller (the category was called “Cover Artist” this year)
1953 Virgil Finlay (the category was called "Interior Illustrator" this year)
1954 Chesley Bonestell
1955 Frank Kelly Freas
1956 Frank Kelly Freas
1958 Frank Kelly Freas (the category was called “Outstanding Artist” this year)
1959 Frank Kelly Freas
1960 Ed Emshwiller
1961 Ed Emshwiller
1962 Ed Emshwiller
1963 Roy G. Krenkel
1964 Ed Emshwiller
1965 John Schoenherr
1966 Frank Frazetta
1967 Jack Gaughan
1968 Jack Gaughan
1969 Jack Gaughan
1970 Frank Kelly Freas
1971 Leo Dillon and Diane Dillon
1972 Frank Kelly Freas
1973 Frank Kelly Freas
1974 Frank Kelly Freas
1975 Frank Kelly Freas
1976 Frank Kelly Freas
1977 Rick Sternbach
1978 Rick Sternbach
1979 Vincent Di Fate
1980 Michael Whelan
1981 Michael Whelan
1982 Michael Whelan
1983 Michael Whelan
1984 Michael Whelan
1985 Michael Whelan
1986 Michael Whelan
1987 Jim Burns
1988 Michael Whelan
1989 Michael Whelan
1990 Don Maitz
1991 Michael Whelan
1992 Michael Whelan
1993 Don Maitz
1994 Bob Eggleton
1995 Jim Burns
1996 Bob Eggleton
1997 Bob Eggleton
1998 Bob Eggleton
1999 Bob Eggleton
2000 Michael Whelan
2001 Bob Eggleton
2002 Michael Whelan
2003 Bob Eggleton
2004 Bob Eggleton
2005 Jim Burns
2006 Donato Giancola
2007 Donato Giancola
2008 Stephan Martiniere
2009 Donato Giancola
2010 Shaun Tan
2011 Shaun Tan
2012 John Picacio
2013 John Picacio
2014 Julie Dillon
2015 Julie Dillon
2016 Abigail Larson
2017 Julie Dillon
2018 Sana Takeda
2019 Charles Vess

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