The monthly clubzine of the British Columbia Science Fiction Association, aka BCSFA Newsletter. First issue Mar/April 1971.

Issues Dates Editor Pages Notes
1 March-April 1971
1973-1974 Mike Bailey
6 1974 Mike Bailey
1976 Fran Skene
1977 Allyn Cadogan
October 1977 Fran Skene
November 1977 Alan R. Betz
December 1977 Ed Beauregard
January-February 1978 Lona Elrod
1979 Helene Flanders
1979-1980 Becky Bennett
1980 Fran Skene
1980 Vaughn Fraser
1981 Con Heibner
1982-1983 Neil Williams
1983 -1989 Barbara Przeklasa
1989-1995 R. Graeme Cameron
1995-1999 John Wong
2000-2009 R. Graeme Cameron
Garth Spencer
430— Felicity Walker
http://efanzines.com/BCSFA/ {$files} . 1971 .

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