Avram Davidson

(1923 - 1993)

Avram Davidson was an author of SF, fantasy, and mystery fiction, who was born in 1923 in Yonkers, New York. He served as a Navy hospital medic with the Marine Corps in the Pacific during World War II, and began his writing career as a Talmudic scholar around 1950.

He edited The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction from 1962 to 1964.

Davidson was active in science fiction fandom from his teens.

His best-known works are his novels about Vergil Magus, the Peregrine novels, the Jack Limekiller stories, and the stories of Dr. Esterhazy, a more erudite Sherlock Holmes-like figure. His collections of SF stories include Or All the Seas with Oysters (1962) and The Other Nineteenth Century (2001).

He was a member of the Swordsmen and Sorcerers' Guild of America (SAGA), a group of heroic fantasy authors founded in the 1960s.

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