Regional convention held in Austin, Texas. It is sponsored by FACT.


Convention Dates GoHs
ArmadilloCon 1 May 11–13, 1979 John Varley, Jeanne Gomoll
Armadillocon 2 October 2-5, 1980 Gardner Dozois, Harry Morris, Jr
ArmadilloCon 5 October 7–9, 1983 Howard Waldrop, Becky Matthews
ArmadilloCon 6 October 5–7, 1984 John Sladek, James A. Corrick, Gay Miller Corrick, Ellen Datlow
ArmadilloCon 9 October 9–11, 1987 Bruce Sterling, J. R. Daniels, Beth Meacham, Mark Olson
ArmadilloCon 10 October 7–9, 1988 K. W. Jeter, Brad W. Foster, Ginjer Buchanan, Jane Dennis, Scott Dennis
ArmadilloCon XI October 13-15, 1989 Lewis Shiner, Mike Glyer, Pat LoBrutto, Don Ivan Punchatz
ArmadilloCon 13 October 11-13, 1991 Dan Simmons, Dell Harris, Pat Mueller, Amy Stout
ArmadilloCon 14 October 9-11, 1992 Neal Barrett, Jr., Darrell K. Sweet, Al Jackson, Gardner Dozois
ArmadilloCon 15 November 5–7, 1993 Gwyneth Jones, Harry O. Morris, John Douglas
ArmadilloCon 16 October 7-9, 1994 Elizabeth Moon, Guy Gavriel Kay, David Cherry, Gordon Van Gelder, Gregory Benford
ArmadilloCon 18 October 11–13, 1996 Jonathan Lethem, Bob Eggleton, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Spike Parsons, Tom Becker
ArmadilloCon 23 November 16–18, 2001 J. Gregory Keyes, John Jude Palencar, Toni Weisskopf, Teddy Harvia
ArmadilloCon 25 August 8–10, 2003 Kage Baker, Willie Siros, Anne Groell, John Picacio, Vernor Vinge
ArmadilloCon 26 August 13–15, 2004 Sharon Shinn, Chaz "Hazel" Boston Baden, Stanley Schmidt, Charles Vess, Charlaine Harris, Barbara Hambly
ArmadilloCon 27 August 19–21, 2005 Charles Stross, Jim Mann, Laurie Mann, Jim Minz, Ctein, Sean McMullen
ArmadilloCon 29 August 10–12, 2007 Louise Marley, Patty Wells, Sharyn November, Gary Lippincott

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