Archon 31/Tuckercon

AKA Archon 31 AKA Tuckercon was a convention held 2-5 Aug 2007 at the Collinsville, IL Holiday Inn Gateway Center. It was the 2007 Nasfic.

Guests of Honor: Barbara Hambly (Featured), Darrell K. Sweet (Artist), Mira Furlan (cancelled and replaced by) Kevin Murphy & Bill Corbett (Media), James Ernest (Gaming), Elizabeth Covey (Costuming), Barry & Sally Childs-Helton (Filk), Nancy "Cleo" Hathaway (Fan), Lani Tupu (Media/Workshop), Richard Hatch (Last-Minute Special). Chairmen: Steve Norris, Michelle Zellich, Toastmaster: Roger Tener, Attendees: about 1950.

Archon/Tuckercon was the 31st in a series of Archons. It was also called Tuckercon in honor of eofan, Bob Tucker.

Archon Hall of Fame Awards:

Tucker Awards for Excellence in Science Fiction Convention Partying:

Additionally, a number of awards were presented by groups not affiliated with Archon:

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