A convention held in Houston, TX and sponsored by the Houston Science Fiction Association.

The convention has been held annually since 2004.

Convention Dates GoHs
Apollocon 2004
Apollocon 2005 Kathy Thornton
Apollocon 2006
Apollocon 2007 June 22-24, 2007 C. S. Friedman, David G. Hartwell, Jeff Sturgeon, Graham Leathers, Becca Leathers, A. T. Campbell, III
Apollocon 2008 June 27-29, 2008 Allen Steele, Lou Anders, Brad Foster, Margaret Middleton, Anne K. G. Murphy
Apollocon 2009 June 26-28, 2009 Wil McCarthy, Pat Rawlings, Amy McNally, Al Jackson, Stanley G. Love
Apollocon 2010 June 25-27, 2010 Catherine Asaro, Keith Thompson, Dave Weingart, Pat Virzi
Apollocon 2011 June 24-26, 2011 Martha Wells, Ann VanderMeer, Jeanne Gomoll, Rocky Kelley
Apollocon 2012 June 22-24, 2012 Tanya Huff, Jael, Candace Pulleine
Apollocon 2013 June 21-23, 2013 Bradley Denton, Peri Charlifu, John DeNardo, Selina Rosen
Apollocon 2014 June 27-29, 2014 David Gerrold, Theresa Mather, P. N. Elrod, Al Griego
Apollocon 2015 June 2021, 2015 Jim C. Hines, Maria William, Tim Griffin
Apollocon 2016 Cancelled

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