Ansible Editions

A small press run by Dave Langford with various partners. It began as Ansible E-ditions with Chris Priest, publishing sf by David Masson and John Sladek as ebooks and later as POD editions co-published with Wildside Press. With Greg Pickersgill, Langford published three volumes collecting (for the first time) the critical columns by Algis Budrys that had first appeared in the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction from 1975 to 1993. He continued, solo, to produce Ansible Editions reissues of his own writing, both backlist titles and new collections, mostly in ebook form. AE has also published selected fan classics, including The Enchanted Duplicator and some past TAFF reports, as free ebooks downloadable from the TAFF website. In 2016 AE published the first book edition — much expanded from its fanzine incarnation — of Rob Hansen's Then, and the first ebook of Yvonne Rousseau's 1980 The Murders at Hanging Rock (also with added material).

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