Anime Island Convention
An anime convention held in Tasmania, Australia. (Tasmania is sometimes known as the "Apple Isle".)

It was started, as AI-Con, by the UTas Anime Society.

Year Convention Date Venue
2006 AI-Con 2006 Feb 25-26 University of Tasmania (Hobart)
2007 AI-Con 2007 Feb 10-11 University of Tasmania (Hobart)
2008 AI-Con 2008 Mar 8-9 University of Tasmania (Hobart)
2009 AI-Con 2009 Feb 7-8 University of Tasmania (Hobart)
2010 AICon 2010 Mar 6-7 University of Tasmania (Hobart)
2011 AICon 2011 Mar 5-6 Derwent Entertainment Centre
2012 AICon 2012 Mar 17-18 University of Tasmania (Hobart)
2013 AICon 2013 Mar 16-17 University of Tasmania (Hobart)
2014 AICon 2014 Mar 8-9 Wrest Point Conference Centre

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