A Sense of FAPA

A oneshot fanzine subtitled "Selections From the Mailing of the Fantasy Anateur Press Association" was edited and published by Dick Eney in August 1962 to mark the 25th anniversary (and correspondingly the 100th mailing) of FAPA, fandom's oldest APA. It was dedicated to Don Wollheim, the founder of FAPA.

It is 388 pages, and mimeoed on pale blue paper. Approximately 150 copies were produced. As it was too large to be stapled, it was strap bound in a plain black folder.

Eney chose a selection of the best work published in FAPA. Introductions are by Harry Warner, Jr., Jack Speer and Dick Eney. Contributors include:

Art work from:

It is dedicated to Don Wollheim who founded FAPA.

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