A Basketful of Bastards

An apazine published by Scotty Tapscott for the Fantasy Rotator #169, October 13, 1967. It was mimeographed with 36 half-size pages.

The Cult's basic scheme was 13 members, with the Fantasy Rotator being published by each member in rotation every three weeks, and each 13-week complete rotation being a “cycle.” A Basketful of Bastards contains complete details on the membership from its beginning through the end of the 13th cycle organized in two sequences. The first shows who joined during each cycle; the second shows the duration of each members’ membership. At the end there’s a list of the current membership (with the dates each is due to produce a Fantasy Rotator) and the “active” and “inactive” waiting lists. In addition, there’s a list of those who joined the waiting lists but never achieved membership. Much of this data was used to construct the lists on the page The Cult.