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(Did you mean a UK fanzine?)

A Tolkien clubzine of the Michigan State University Tolkien Fellowship in East Lansing, MI. The title means "Orcs!" in Sindarin.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 January 1968 1 Eds. Gary Phillips, Virginia Dabney, and Tracie Brown
2 January 1968 1 Eds. Tracie Brown and Gil Hilton
3 February 1968 1 Eds. Sue Anderson, Rita Berens, Tracie Brown, Virginia Dabney, Seth McEvoy, Steve Messamer, Celeste Milavec, and Gary Phillips
4 March 1968 1 Ed. Gil Hilton
5 1968
6 1968
7 1968 1 Ed. Tracie Brown
11 September 1970 1 Eds. Tracie Brown and Gary Phillips
11.5 September 1970 2 Ed "The Inner Ring"

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