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The World Science Fiction Society has three sets of rules: The WSFS Constitution, the WSFS Standing Rules and the Resolutions of Continuing Effect. The Constitution is the basic body of rules which govern Worldcon, the Standing Rules are lesser rules established mostly for the operation of the WSFS Business Meeting] and the Resolutions of Continuing Effect are a catch-all of motions passed by the Business Meeting which happen to still have force today.

The WSFS Constitution is the governing document of the Worldcon. The modern constitution was approved in the early 60s and has been amended often, but has continued since then in basically the same form. (See WSFS, Inc. for a discussion of some aspects of this process.

All Worldcons and NASFiCs are bound by the WSFS Constitution which is under the control of the WSFS business meeting an assembly of all WSFS members who wish to take part held at each Worldcon, typically for three days between 10AM and noon, though the meeting has shown a distressing tendency to grow longer in the years since 2000 or so.

Hear Ben Yalow's recollection of the constitutional shenanigans of the 1970s here.

wiki containing an annotated copy (IA)

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