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(September 10, 1911 – January 25, 1984)

William Levi Crawford, a West Coast sf fan, became an editor, publisher and author.

About 1933, he launched two weird fiction magazines, Unusual Stories and Marvel Tales. In 1935, Crawford published the collection Mars Mountain by Eugene George Key. It is considered to be the first full-size book issued by a publisher that specialized in science fiction.

He later published books with a number of different imprints before founding the Fantasy Publishing Company in 1946. With his wife, Margaret Crawford, he published Fantasy Book from 1947 to 1951.

He also edited several anthologies that he also published.

Crawford co-wrote the 1936 novel Behind the Evidence with Amelia Reynolds Long under the combined pseudonym of “Peter Reynolds.”

During his lifetime he received several genre awards, including the Count Dracula Society's Montague Summers Award (1972) and the Big Heart Award (1985). He was inducted into First Fandom's Hall of Fame in 1982.

The William L. Crawford Memorial Award for the best first fantasy novel is named in his honor.

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