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Wallace (Wally) Weber was a BNF in the 1950s-1960s. He lived in Seattle, WA, and then was moved by his employer to Huntsville, AL in mid-1964 where he was a member of ALA-APA. He was married to fellow fan Tiamatha Weber. At one time he was a member of SAPS and N3F and the Cry Crowd and was also the corresponding secretary of the Nameless Ones of Washington State.

He was a co-editor of Cry of the Nameless when it won the 1960 Best Fanzine Hugo. (It was also nominated in 1959 and 1962.)

In 1961 he chaired Seacon, that year's Worldcon.

He was the 1963 TAFF delegate.

His photos appear on pages 136 and 206 of Harry Warner's A Wealth of Fable (1992). Burnett Toskey published W. W. W., an anthology of Weber's fan writing in SAPS in September 1975.

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