Visions of Paradise

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Apazine edited by Bob Sabella which ran for 170 issues.

Sabella began publishing VoP in the 1970s as his ish for APA-45. He gafiated for about a decade, returning to publish additional issues of VoP in the mid-80s for MIShAPzine before moving its publication to FAPA in the 90s, where it remained until his death. In addition, Sabella sent copies of VoP to other fanzine editors.

Prior to issue 122, VoP consisted of three rotating titles, "Halcyon Days," "Wondrous Stories," and "The Passing Scene." The title "Halcyon Days" indicated a letter column issue, "Wondrous Stories" was a zine for sercon, and "The Passing Scene" was Sabella's perzine. Beginning with issue 122, the collective title VoP took precedence and issues contained elements of the three rotating titles.

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