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Turkey City Writer's Workshop is a peer-to-peer, professional SF writer's workshop in Texas.

Founded in 1973, it was modeled after the east coast Milford Writer's Workshop. The workshop "was a cradle of cyberpunk" where many of the practitioners of what would become cyberpunk first met. Founding members included Lisa Tuttle, Howard Waldrop, Steven Utley, and Tom Reamy.

The workshop was first held in Grand Prairie, Texas, but soon shifted to Austin when most of the writers involved moved there during the mid-1970s. Bruce Sterling was one of the youngest members of the workshop when he joined it in 1974. Other Texas writers who have participated include Mark Finn, Leigh Kennedy, Chad Oliver, Lawrence Person, and Lewis Shiner.

The workshop also compiled the "The Turkey City Lexicon," a collection of terms used when discussing recurring SF writing tropes.

Dates: Turkey City VII: June 28-30, 1974 at the home of Lisa Tuttle and Dianne Kraft

Attendees included: Lisa Tuttle, Joe Pumilia, Robert Bruce, Joe Hutchinson, Howard Waldrop, Steven Utley, and Tom Reamy.

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