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(1924 --)

Tom Wright was a California fan artist in the late 30s and early 40s who contributed art to most of the day's fanzines and was a charter member (and failed candidate for President) of the National Fantasy Fan Federation (N3F) in 1941. He published Comet (with Joe Fortier) and Dawn.

His photo appears on page 172 of Harry Warner's All Our Yesterdays (Advent, 1969)

His platform statement for president of N3F appears in Bonfire #1, along with that of Bob Studley's for vice-president. Wright is the subject of a Charter Member of N3F article by Jon D. Swartz in January 2018 National Fantasy Fan (IA).

For an early short biography, see Who's Who in Fandom 1940 (IA). He may have been the inspiration for a bit part in Anthony Boucher's Rocket to the Morgue.

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