Thomas S. Gardner

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(1908 -- November 11, 1963)

A fan and pro who started reading sf in 1923 and started publishing in Wonder Stories in 1932. In real life he had a PhD in Chemistry from MIT and worked as a researcher at Hoffman-La Roche in New Jersey.

He also wrote for early fanzines such as Fantasy Magazine, New Fandom, Fantasy News, Spaceways, Cosmic Tales and Fantasy Commentator. He attended Nycon 1, the first Worldcon in 1939 and was on the Philcon I program.

He was a member of New Fandom (and was one of their delegates to the 1938 Philadelphia Conference), the ISA, the Queens SFL, NAPA, the Hydra Club, and ESFA, serving as a Director for a time. He wrote for The Science Fiction Yearbook 1958 Edition. He was also responsible for the Science-Fiction Tests.

Sam Moskowitz wrote a lengthy obituary in the December 1963 issue of Science Fiction Times. About two months before his death, an apparent suicide, he sold his entire collection to Gerry de la Ree.

For an early short biography, see Who's Who in Fandom 1940 p6.

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