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See Numerical Fandoms.

From Fancyclopedia 1 ca 1944
(Speer) - From September 1940 on. Warring factions in fandom healed their differences or were less in evidence, with the passing of feuds the underlying fraternity of fandom came more into evidence, and a broad balance was found between matters scientifictional and other things that fans were interested in. There was much talk of fandom growing up, becoming more mature, and seeing less of adolescent bickering and feuding for feuding's sake; at the same time there was a flood of digests and bibliografies and indexes of this and that, regarded as a summation and consolidation of past achievements in fandom. A general fan organization was once again much desired, but ran into difficulties as war came to America. Doug Webster applies the term to the younger fans that appeared in wartime Britain, once again interested mainly in such science-fiction as they could get, and supporting the idea of a British fan organization (the BFS), which the sofisticated Second Fandom had outgrown.

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