The Science Fiction Fanzine Reader: Focal Points 1930-1960

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The Science Fiction Fanzine Reader: Focal Points 1930-1960 is a fanthology and a book published by Nonstop Press in 2018 and edited by Luis Ortiz. It includes more than fifty articles and many illustrations by most of the major fan writers of the period.

Table of contents:

Introduction When Time Was New Luis Ortiz
The First Fan Magazine Forrest J Ackerman
Fan Magazines H.A. Dittmans, Jr. & W. H. Dellenback
Bok On the Fantasy Scene Ray Bradbury
My Pal Johnny Robert A. Madle
The Versatile Jim Blish Anonymous
History of the Scienceers Allen Glasser
Fantasy Magazine Harry Warner, Jr.
Fanzine Scope F. Towner Laney
Scientl┬ĚSnaps Harry Warner, Jr.
Strange Hunting Anonymous
FJ Ackerman Meets Wells HG Bob Tucker
From the Valley of the Blue Moon T. Bruce Yerke
Changing Tendency Among Fanmags Jack Speer
Early FAPA Harry Warner, Jr.
Wherein Jack Speer's Hair Turns Gray Over Nite Forrest J Ackerman
Wherein Jack Speer Partakes of Pantothenic Acid Jack Speer
Black & White Reviews D. B. Thompson
E. Everett Evans
Harry Warner, Jr.
Futuria Fantasia Harry Warner, Jr.
Confessions of a Fanzine Reviewer Robert Bloch
What Fan Magazines? Robert W. Lowndes
Tigrina - Devil Doll Forrest J Ackerman
An Amateur Ex-Editor Speaks Manly Banister
The Amateur Editor Walter A. Willis
Comj: In, the Water's Lovely! Walter A. Willis
Filler 523 Dean Grennell
Editorial Q-Zine or F-Zine Don Fabun
Pure as New Fallen Slush Max Keasler
The Palmer Hoax Geoffrey Giles
Some Editors Say Andrew Gregg
Gone But Not Forgotten Bob Tucker
The Immortal Storm Ed Wood
Left at the Post Robert Bloch
Zine Artist: Lou Goldstone
Zine Letters Bob Tucker
Manly Banister
Sam Moskowitz
Hannes Bok
Letter by a Guy Who Wishes to Remain Nameless Richard Sneary
The Deeper Significance of Science Fiction F. Towner Laney
The Fan From Tomorrow Walter A. Willis
What Makes a Fanzine Crud? Marion Zimmer Bradley
The Readers Always Write Damon Knight
Tumbrils Harry Warner, Jr.
How to Stop Writing for Fanzines Charles Burbee
Autobiographical Notes Walter A. Willis
A Question of Title Walter A. Willis
The Fannish Autobiography of Richard Erwin Geis Richard E. Geis
Peon Notes Charles Lee Riddle
The Damn Thing Harry Warner, Jr.
The Death of Spaceways Bob Tucker
Shoptalk: Letter to the Acolyte E. Hoffman Price
Crackle: the Snap-Zine F. Towner Laney
Delineating the Interlineation Bob Tucker
123456789? What Was That Fandom I Saw You With Ted White
Snide Harry Warner, Jr.
Fan Icons: Beanie
Fantastuff Terry Carr
Joel Nydahl's Vega Harlan Ellison
A Postscript to Vega Joel Nydahl
Up the Garden Pathology Walter A. Willis
Slave of the Pixie Charles Burbee
The Iron Curtain Drops Bob Tucker
I Think STF Heroes Are Queer William Rotsler
File 13: Dianetics -Fad or Science? Redd Boggs
Dianetics: Etc. John Larkins
Love in the Cornfield Walter A. Willis
Towner Hall, Void, Adolescence and All That Gregory Benford
A Day with Calvin Thos. Beck Ted White
Who Killed Science Fiction? Kurt Vonnegut
Raymond A. Palmer
Donald A. Wollheim
Robert Silverberg
Robert A. W. Lowndes
Mimeo Ink, Fanac, and Paperbacks Lee Hoffman
Zine Poetry Corner: Damon Knight
Bah! Humbug! Robert Bloch

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