The Hag and the Hungry Goblin

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A fanzine of Christine and Derek Ashby, out of South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, which published 5 issues. The date of the first issue is unknown to us, but Christine (McGowan) Ashby writes that she wrote the first issue prior to winning DUFF in 1976, and one source says that she wrote it to advertise that DUFF nomination, which means it was published in 1975 or 76. The title is taken from the first line of the 16th century poem "Tom O'Bedlam." It appears that all issues were mimeographed on A4 paper.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 1975 or 1976 ed. by Christine McGowan
2 May 1978 22 ed. by Christine & Derrick Asby
3 1978
4 December 1979 38
5 1983 26 Cover art is by Derek Carter; interior art by Christine Ashby.

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