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"The Club House" was the name for a fanzine review column written by Rog Phillips in Amazing from March, 1948, to March, 1953. The column was created in part to reverse the bad image Amazing Stories gained in fandom from Ray Palmer's Shaver Mystery.

The column was later revived in other SF prozines edited by Raymond Palmer. In Amazing under Ted White, it became a general column about fandom that brought in many neofans. A similar column was run by Mari Wolf in Imagination in the 1950s. At the time, Wolf was married to Phillips.

Vernon L. McCain described the importance of the original Club House: "'The Club House' had done more to make fandom grow than any other single force in history, and it altered the whole character of fandom by bringing in a different type person. Not that this new type was in any way superior or inferior to the old type, but they were different and they changed fandom. Many of us preferred the old type to the new, which somewhat resembled a combination of the American Legion and the Housewives' Thursday Knitting and Tea Auxiliary. Less publicity is what fandom needs."

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