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The Blackguards was a LASFS in-group (self-proclaimed!) which was (in theory, anyway) independent of LASFS with its own treasury. It was formed in January, 1967 and members included Chuck Crayne, Dian Pelz, Jane Ellern, Bill Ellern, and Bruce Pelz. It planned a convention, Blackguardcon I, on Easter weekend, 1967, though it is unclear if it occurred. Jane and Bill Ellern often hosted their parties.

The group sponsored tournaments of various kinds including miniature golf and bowling. On February 15, 1968. in the middle of a Blackguards-sponsored chess tournament, Lee Jacobs, a popular fan who was participating, died. He had been a frequent participant in Blackguard activities, and in the L.A. party circuit in general; his passing cast enough of a pall that cost the group some of its enthusiasm.

Additionally, many of the leaders of the Blackguards were also heavily involved in bidding for and then running a large Westercon, FUNcon II. The Blackguards had faded out by the end of the 60s.

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