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(April 28, 1948 -- March 12, 2014)

His Discworld comic fantasies began with The Colour of Magic in 1983 (to his amusement he's been asked in recent years whether he pinched any themes from J. K. Rowling, who started publishing in 1997). They've been such a phenomenal success, and have generated so many spinoffs like maps, games, diaries, quizbooks and even academic studies, that it's getting difficult to count the actual Discworld novels. Officially, his 2001 publications include the 26th and 27th, Thief of Time and (with artist Paul Kidby) The Last Hero, but this count omits the short novel whose chapters alternate with chunks of pop-science explication in The Science of Discworld (with Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen).... Despite having learned to cope with vast UK signing sessions that go on until his wrist screams for mercy, Terry remains cheerful and approachable, with a fund of wry anecdotes about his various lives as famous writer, obscure writer, journalist, and (once upon a time) PR man for a nuclear power station. You have to admire the man who created the bibliophile orangutan of Unseen University, literature's first rugged, muscular and caring role-model for librarians everywhere.

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