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(15 October, 1919 -- September 10, 2010)

Edward (Ted) (E. C.) Tubb was a British fan and pro. He was one of the Guests of Honor at Heicon '70, and one of the organizers of the SFS. Later he was one of the co-founders of its successor, the British Science Fiction Association and the first editor of Vector, the BSFA journal, in 1959.

He was one of the editors of the fanzines Eye and Plonge, a member of the London Circle, helped to invent The Game (see under Games), and wrote fan fiction of the older kind -- fiction about fans in fandom. He was on the committee of Festivention and Galactic Fair. He was made a Knight of St. Fantony in 1959.

Professionally, he was the author of over 140 novels and 230 short stories and novellas. He was best known for his Dumarest Saga, which ran for thirty-three volumes, and his Cap Kennedy series, written under the pseudonym Gregory Kern. He wrote six novels set in the world of Space: 1999 as well as several stand-alone novels and short stories.

Much of his fiction was written under one or another pen name, including Gregory Kern, Charles Grey, Carl Maddox, Alan Guthrie, Eric Storm and George Holt. He also write under house pseudonyms, including Volsted Gridban, Gill Hunt, King Lang, Roy Sheldon, and Brian Shaw.

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