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(1) The Filker

A fan and filker who was a professional musician when he first went to a convention in 1992. In 2001, he went on a "WorlDream" tour, attending every filk convention in the world that year. He is a performer (voice and instrument) as well as song writer. He was originally from Michigan, but moved to Hamburg, Germany in 2006 to marry Katy Droge who he met at OVFF 14 in 1998. He is a member of the German filk quartet Barbership. He serves on the Pegasus Award Committee, is OVFF webmaster, and co-founder of the second German filk convention, DFDF.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

(2) The Non-Filker.

Steve MacDonald published the apazine Cosmic Bar [1976] for APA-50.

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Also involved with: Apollocon 2006 - FilKONtario 16 - Kerstin Droege - Northeast Filk Convention
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