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(1952 --)

Stephen Korshak, son of Erle Korshak, is a collector of SF and fantasy art" and with his wife Alma owns the Korshak collection of science fiction art. This collection has toured museums throughout the United States, Europe, and Japan. He is a member of First Fandom, and received the Sam Moskowitz Archive Award in 2016.

He has written the following genre books:

  • A Hannes Bok Showcase, (1995)
  • A Hannes Bok Treasury, Foreword by Ray Bradbury, (1993)
  • The Paintings of J. Allen St. John: Grand Master of Fantasy (2008) with J. David Spurlock)
  • From the Pen of Paul: The Fantastic Images of Frank R. Paul (2009)
  • The Alluring Art of Margaret Brundage: Queen of the Pulp Pin-Up Art (2013) with J. David Spurlock

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