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(Are you looking for the Austin Hamel fanzine?)

A fanzine co-edited by Ted White and Larry Stark in 1956-57. It started as Zip, edited by Ted White. Starting with issue eight in 1956, the name changed to Stellar and Larry Stark joined as co-editor. Stellar published twenty-three issues ending in 1957 when it was re-titled Gambit.

Writing in Vegas Fandom Weekly, in "What Are The Greatest Fanzines?", Arnie Katz writes, "Stellar...established Faan Fiction (fiction about fans) as a genre and also explored new frontiers of multi-color mimeography. Stellar presented both classic reprints and new stories that attempted to bring the values of fiction to stories about fans and Fandom."

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 August 1953 Named Zip, Ted White was sole editor.
7 First Ted White FAPA contribution.
8 1956 36 Renamed Stellar, Larry Stark joins as co-editor.
10 1957 44 "Lee Hoffman Adoration Issue"
11 1957 52
12 1957 54
13 1957 24

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