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"Star-Begotten" alludes to a 1937 H. G. Wells story of that name in which advanced and misunderstood humans were the result of Martians inducing mutations in the human race via cosmic rays. Since the 'Star-Begotten' were misunderstood, intuitive, brilliant people, like fans, Second Fandom half-seriously adopted the name as a collective title for themselves.

Claude Degler, however, was a true believer, creating a Cosmic Circle, who would retreat to love camps in the Ozarks, where the slan-like, star-begotten fans could breed the race destined to rule the sevagram.

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From Fancyclopedia 2 ca 1959
(Wells:Griffiths) "Dear Mr. Bristol: Star-Begotten is the title uv a book by the same name, written by H. G. Wells, in which he develops the thesis that, since mutations are produced thru the same agency uv the cosmic ray, and since science has been unable to trace the source uv the aphoresaid ray [this was back in the early 40s], and since any race with millions uv years uv background to it must be a benevolent race, and since the Martians, iph they exist, must have a background reaching back thru these millions uv years, therephore: the genius class -- Schopenhauer, Kant, daVinci, Edison -- is a mutation, produced thru the agency uv the cosmic ray, by the intelligently acting agency uv the Martians, with the intention uv evolving this inpherior race uv Mankind to a state comparable to theirs. A powerphul theme, given a psychological treatment instead uv a scientiphic-action style. And, since these 'Star-Begotten' are those people with abnormal intelligence, produced thru the direct or indirect agency uv beings upon another planet, and since these 'Star-Begotten' are misunderstood, intuitive, brilliant people, stphandom has adopted the name as a collective title phor themselves." -- Ephless El.

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