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(9 May 1927 – 28 March 2014)

Stanley C. Skirvin was an early member of the Cincinnati Fantasy Group of Ohio (CFG) and one of the founders of Midwestcon. He edited the program book for the Cinvention, the 1949 Worldcon. He also attended the Philcon in 1953.

As an engineer for General Electric in the 1960s, Skirvin wrote aerothermodynamic software that calculated flow through nuclear aircraft engines. Moving to Schenectady, NY, and Scottsdale, AZ, he apparently gafiated, but CFG and other fans report some 21st-century e-mail contacts. He was an avid fossil hunter and mountain climber.

Obituary (IA) from

A Tribute to Stanley C. Skirvin (IA) by Don McIver, Canyon Echo, Summer 2014

Cinvention Program Book (IA), edited by Stan Skirvin

Wha' Happened (IA), Stan Skirvin's memoir of the Cinvention, from Cinvention Memory Book (IA)

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Also involved with: Midwestcon 5 - Midwestcon 6
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