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Spacewarp, edited by Art Rapp, was nominated for the 1951 Best Fanzine Retro Hugo. It had over forty issues from April, 1947 to September, 1950 and for some early issues, Bill Groover was co-editor.

Redd Boggs' column, "File 13", was especially important. Other contributors included Forrest J Ackerman, Henry Ackerman, Michael De Angelis, Warren Baldwin, Wrai Ballard, Donn Bratton, Donn Brazier, Guerry C. Brown, W. E. Bullard, Charles Burbee, Lyon de Coeur, Wilkie Conner, Arthur Jean Cox, Ed Cox, Paul D. Cox, Jim Craig, Ralph Fluette, Vaughn Greene, Andy Gregg, John Grossman, Charles Hames, Jim Harmon, William James, David H. Keller, Joe Kennedy, F. Towner Laney, Carl Lawrence, Al F. Lopez, Don McConnell, C. Stewart Metchette, Ray Nelson, Robert Parris, Rog Phillips, Bill Rotsler, Hal Shapiro, Ben Singer, Rick Sneary, Genevieve K. StephensBob Stein, , Charles Stuart, Bob Tucker, Bill Venable, James A. Wade, T. E. Watkins, and Wally Weber.

A 10-part round-robin space-opera by Rapp and five others appeared in most of the 1949 issues and was reprinted in 1960 by Ed Cox as STF Broadcasts Again!.

He then turned it over to F. Towner Laney and Charles Burbee to edit. They put out two issues in 1950, the last was called the "Insurgent Issue".

In 1983, Rapp resumed publishing Spacewarp as a member of SAPS.

See Redd Boggs' The Purple Dawn for a lengthy review of Spacewarp.

From Fancyclopedia 2 ca 1959
Something that when you go into it in a straight line you come out at a different place, and/or going in a different direction, than you should according to Newtonian physics. Fans are always wandering into such things in strange cities and getting losted. A slightly different affair was the turntable on which the Shirley-Savoy in Denver was mounted, so that the Denvention attendees could start near the hotel, walk for blocks and blocks, and still be near the hotel.

Mention we must Art Rapp's fanzine of this name, keystone of Fifth Fandom, which introduced such things as Steinpix, the helicopter beanie, and R*O*S*C*O*E to fandom.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 April 1947
14 May 1948 20
15 June 1948 20
16 July 1948 24
17 August 1948 22
18 September 1948 22
19 October 1948 22
20 November 1948 22
21 December 1948 30
22 January 1949 24
23 February 1949 22
24 March 1949 22
25 April 1949 22
26 May 1949 22
27 June 1949 22
28 July 1949 26
29 August 1949 24
30 September 1949 28
31 October 1949 26
32 November 1949 26
33 December 1949 40 Includes index through September 1949
34 January 1950 22
35 February 1950 24
36 March 1950 26
37 April 1950 32
38 May 1950 26
39 June 1950 28
40 July 1950 24
41 August 1950 16 This was the first Insurgent issue, co-edited with Charles Burbee and F. T. Laney
42 September 1950 82 This was the real Insurgent issue, co-edited with Charles Burbee and F. T. Laney
131 Includes Robert Lichtman's Here There Be Saps #1 (Second Series)

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