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A probably tongue-in-cheek bid announced in the Solacon Final Report. (Solacon, the 1958 Worldcon, was the result of a somewhat similar low-key campaign begun in 1948 by Rick Sneary with South Gate in '58.) At any rate, this bid (if it was one) faded from view (not without being revived in 1976) and did not file. See 2010 Worldcon Site Selection.

It was raised again in 1997, this time supposedly to be run by the International Society of Ex-Worldcon Fan Guests of Honor.

In an article in issue 153 of File 770, "Again in 2010" (IA), John Hertz was pleased to note that the Australia in 2010 bid was aiming to hold the 2010 Worldcon in a region of Melbourne called Southgate.

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