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(1952 --)

A Thai-American pro writer and fan, Somtow Sucharitkul also publishes under the byline S. P. Somtow. He has written both sf and horror, but since moving back to Thailand in 2001 has been mostly active in music, composing and producing operas and conducting orchestras.

While living in Washington, DC, he was an active member of WSFA and helped start the second series of The WSFA Journal and the Son of the WSFA Journal. He split from WSFA during the Dunegate feud, helping to for the Washington Alternative SF Association. He was a member of the Philadelphia in '86 bid committee.

In March 2015, Somtow returned to the U.S. for the world premiere of his opera "The Snow Dragon" in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the coinciding fan celebration Operacon.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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Also involved: - Campbell Award - Crystal Ship - DeepSouthCon 22 - DeepSouthCon 24 - Fanny Hill - Hamilton Memorial Award - MileHiCon 18 - Starcall - Tropicon I - Tropicon IV - Tropicon V - TusCon 13 - Washington Science Fiction Association

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