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(27 November 1916 – 31 August 1999)

(Henry) Earl Singleton, aka es, issued the first fat-free fanzine, Nepenthe devoted to poetry. Singleton traveled to Chicon I from Boston with Art Widner in the Skylark of Foo. Following Chicon, he was elected treasurer of the Stranger Club.

All fandom was shocked when his roommate, Oliver King Smith announced Singleton had committed suicide on February 9, 1941. However, a letter sent to Jack Chapman Miske dated February 10 and other questions led Widner and Louis Russell Chauvenet to contact authorities at MIT and they learned the suicide (by shooting himself in the temple with a pistol) was faked as Singleton had apparently decided to gafiate and drop out of school, taking a job in Washington, D.C.. His death hoax became known as the pseuicide. He was involved in a feud with William L. Hamling.

In later life he became a very successful electrical engineer and businessman, co-founding Teledyne, served as its CEO for thirty years, was an early investor in Apple Computer and was elected to the National Academy of Engineering.

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