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(Did you mean SEACON 75?)

Seacon '79 was held August 23-26 in the Metropole Hotel in Brighton, England. GoHs: Brian Aldiss (UK) and Fritz Leiber (US). FGoH: Harry Bell. Toastmaster was Bob Shaw. It was chaired by Peter Weston. Eve Harvey was Secretary and John Steward was Treasurer.

Note that it was not held in the same city (Seattle) where the previous Worldcon named Seacon was held in 1969.

The convention newsletter was The Seacon Abstractor & Recorder, or TSAR.

The Britain in '79 bid was opposed by New Orleans in '79. See 1979 Worldcon Site Selection.

Reports and news about the convention:

File 770 #3 p1

File 770 #15 p4

File 770 #16 p9

See also British Worldcons.

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