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(1949 -- December 11, 2001)

Fan, member of Minn-stf, manager of Uncle Hugo's for many years, married to Margie Lessinger. He was a member of the Exec for many Minicons in the mid-teens, and of the Minn-STF Board of Directors, and ran KMAC which did video-taping for Midamericon in 1976 (for which he organized Communicon) and other Worldcons, and worked to preserve video and audio recordings of fandom. In the semi-mundane world, he edited the SF part of the library reference book What Do I Read Next?.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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Also involved: - Bozo Bus Building - Communicon (MN) - MidAmeriCon - Minicon 14 - Minicon 15 - Minicon 16 - Minicon 17 - Minicon 18 - Minicon 19 - Minicon 20 - Minicon 21 - Minicon 22 - Minicon 31

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