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"Science Fiction Review" (SFR) is a very popular name, especially including variations!

(1) Fanzine (1953-1992) by Richard E. Geis

A major Hugo-winning fanzine by Richard E. Geis.

See Geis' Science Fiction Review for much more.

(2) Early (1939) Australian Fanzine

Fanzine of John Gregor (John Dauvergne Gregor), writing as John Devern.

There was but one issue of this very rare 16-page fanzine which was hektographed by John Devern in February 1939 for the Adelaide SFL. Only 18 copies were printed and only two seem to have made it into fannish hands. It was the first duplicated Australian fanzine.

(3) Fanzine of the Australasian Science Fiction Society.

The clubzine of the Australasian Science Fiction Society. Details unknown.

(4) Fanzine (1963-1966) by Robert W. Franson

See Franson's Science Fiction Review for more.

(5) Australian Radio Program

A South Australian radio program. See SF Review for more information.

(6) Fanzine (1935) by Claire P. Beck

The first issue of Claire P. Beck's Science Fiction Critic (4 pages, November 1935) was titled Science Fiction Review

(7) Canadian One-shot (1976) by Mike Glicksohn

A one-shot fanzine published by Mike Glicksohn in August 1976.

(8) 1960s Argentinian Fanzine

See the Argentine Science Fiction Review for more.

(9) 1972 UK Fanzine by Ian Williams

See Gannet Science Fiction Review for more.

(10) 1954 Australian Fanzine by Graham Stone

A fanzine published by Graham Stone in Australia.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 August 1954 11 Single-sided

(11) Australian (1966-1968) Fanzine

See Australian Science Fiction Review by John Bangsund for more.

(12) Australian (1986-1991) Fanzine

See Australian Science Fiction Review by the ASFR Cooperative for more.

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