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A convention held in the Virginia Beach area from 1979 and run by the Hampton Roads SF Association.

Convention Dates GoHs
Sci-Con 1 October 13-14, 1979 Joe Haldeman, Kelly Freas, Jean Lorrah
Sci-Con 2 November 7-9, 1980 Manly Wade Wellman, Kelly Freas, Polly Freas
Sci-Con 5 November 4-6, 1983 Alan Dean Foster, Ron Miller, Curt Harpold
Sci-Con 6 November 9-11, 1984 Phil Foglio
Sci-Con 13 November 8-10, 1991 Lois McMaster Bujold, Vincent Di Fate
Sci-Con 14 November 13-15, 1992 Elizabeth Scarborough, Don Maitz, Janny Wurts
November 11-13, 1994 Holiday inn Executive Center, Greenwich Road, Virginia Beach, VA

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Also involved: Nicki Lynch - Rich Lynch
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