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Acronym for the Society of Boring Old Farts a.k.a. Secret Bastards of Fandom. Not just any old exclusive, manipulative and secretive fan group, SBOFs not only tell SMOFs what to do, they strike terror in the hearts of fans everywhere, what with their proven ability to run anyone they don't like out of fandom on a rail – or, at the very least, to have them condemned, torn down and a Burger King built on the site.

They meet twice yearly in obscure and exotic places, from Romanche Deep to Majorca, Orekhovo Zuyevo to Hidalgo del Parral, or New Dorp to Rybinsk Reservoir, where they make their snap judgments with regard to charting the course of fandom's future, ensure that nothing new or untried is ever introduced into the microcosm, devise modifications to fandom's Secret Handshake, thunder out arbitrary orders and are (of course) instantly and unquestioningly obeyed. It sez here.

Note that this is not the Nasty Bastards of Fandom.

See also: How the GRINCH Stole Worldcon.

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