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(1911 -- 1994)

Raymond Zinke Gallun was an American SF writer.

Gallun was born in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. He left college after one year and traveled in Europe, working at many jobs around the world in the years leading up to World War II.

He was among the group of early SF pulp writers who popularized the genre. "Old Faithful" in Astounding (December, 1934) was his first noted story and led to a series.

"The Menace from Mercury," a story published in the Summer, 1932, issue of Wonder Stories Quarterly (written from a winning suggestion by New York Futurian John Michel) is famous in fan circles.

Gallun also used the pen names of Dow Elstar, E.V. Raymond, John Callahan, and William Callahan.

His first published book, People Minus X, appeared in 1957, followed by The Planet Strappers in 1961. His early short fiction was collected in The Best of Raymond Z. Gallun (1978).

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

He was honored with the I-CON Lifetime Achievement Award in 1985 at I-Con IV; the award was later renamed the Raymond Z. Gallun Award. He was inducted into the First Fandom Hall of Fame in 1979.

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