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(1888 -- 1959)

Raymond Thornton Chandler is famous as a master of hard-boiled detective fiction, and as the creator of private detective Philip Marlowe. What is not so widely known is that he also dabbled in SF and fantasy. Over the years he wrote a few of these stories, planned others, and even began work on a Gothic romance.

At one time Chandler asked his publisher to collect his fantastic work in book form. His tentative title for such a volume was Islands in the Sky. No such book was ever published, however, probably because he did not get around to writing enough genre pieces for such a collection.

His published genre writing included "I'll Be Waiting" (1939), "The Bronze Door" (1939), "Professor Bingo's Snuff" (1951), and "English Summer" (1976).

"Professor Bingo's Snuff" was reprinted in the first issue of Fantastic, dated Summer, 1952.

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