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Randy Everts was a Madison, WI fan primarily interested in Lovecraft. He was a member of the apas The Esoteric Order of Dagon and Necronomicon (and OE of the latter). He was the printer of Janus.

In 1979 he received a substantial out-of-court settlement from the University of Wisconsin stemming from his 1973 arrest for overdue library books. This was triggered by a complaint by Brown University that Everts was holding major Lovecraftania that had been loaned to him with the understanding it would be then passed on to Brown. Everts disagreed and Brown sued. Brown's suit somehow triggered a University of Wisconsin search of Evert's apartment, discovered the overdue books, and jailed him. The DA pressed charges and after the dust had settled, Everts sued the DA, the police and the University and got an out-of-court settlement. All parties maintain that they were in the right. See File 770 #11 p2 .

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