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(1904 -- 1971)

Newspaperman-author Winterbotham wrote as R. R. Winterbotham, Russell R. Winterbotham, Russ Winterbotham, and as R. R. Winter; but most of his work bylined R. R. Winter was not SF.

His first published SF story was "The Star That Would Not Behave" in the August, 1935 issue of Astounding Stories. During the late 1930s he published another ten stories in Astounding. He also had stories published in Amazing, Planet Stories, and Space Science Fiction. Moreover, in the early 1940s he contributed to science fiction fanzines.

His best remembered SF novel probably is The Space Egg (Avalon, 1958).

He also wrote big little books, little blue books, and syndicated comic strips. Several of these were SF.

Shortly before his death, he has been quoted as saying: "The science fiction market doesn't seem to demand my talents, whatever they are, and I need the rest."

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