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(1935 --)

Robert Lionel Fanthorpe is a British priest and entertainer. At various times he has worked as a dental technician, journalist, teacher, television presenter, author, and lecturer.

Born in Dereham in Norfolk, he currently lives in Cardiff in South Wales, where he was Director of Media Studies and lecturer in Religious Studies at the Sixth form college of the Cardiff Academy.

He has written a (vast) number of SF/fantasy books -- during his main writing years, 1954-1965, he may have been the most prolific writer in the field. In his peak years he produced a weekly short (45,000 words) novel or story collection for the UK John Spencer & Co imprint Badger Books, writing -- or rather, dictating -- in his spare time from a full-time job.

To meet this workload, Fanthorpe made relentless and often tongue-in-cheek use of padding, irrelevant digressions, thesaurus variations, and stealing classic plots from such sources as Shakespeare and the Odyssey. The results were much appreciated by fandom at convention turkey readings, and many well-loved excerpts were collected by Debbie Cross as Down the Badger Hole: R. Lionel Fanthorpe: The Badger Years (1995). This also included a bibliography that was expanded -- along with further quotes -- in the Bibliographic Supplement (1999) edited by Cross and Brian J. Hunt. An expanded ebook edition of Down the Badger Hole, including the supplement and many more Fanthorpe excerpts, was published by Ansible Editions in 2018. See here (IA)

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