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Fanzine, "The Now and Then Newsletter of General Technics." PyroTechnics was first published in 1976 by Jeff Duntemann, then employed by Xerox as a copier repairman. Since "test copies" needed to be printed after servicing a machine, the thrifty Duntemann employed his fanzine masters as test sheets.

The typical Pyro was thin, 6 to 12 pages, and laid out in double columns on 8.5x11-inch paper. Copy was produced on a daisywheel printer, "five inches wide and justified," with reduction after pasteup. Headlines appeared in Microgramma Bold Extended (a font similar to Eurostile), as did the General Technics logo.

With occasional guest-edited issues, Duntemann continued publishing through issue 29. Lee Hart briefly took over in 1983, then handed Pyro off to Jamie and Gail Hanrahan. They switched to mimeo, made issues much thicker, and distributed the clubzine beyond GT to a wide circle of faneds, for The Usual.

In 1986, a consortium of Chicago GT members published #39, which returned to photocopying and slender pagecount, continuing until issue 57 in November 1997, the last to date. Bill Higgins and Barry Gehm led the team as Mismanaging Editors. Issue 50 (which actually appeared after #51) in September 1993 contained a grand 38-page roundup of Tall Techie Tales.

Most issues have been scanned and archived (IA) by John Ridley.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 1976
30 1983
36 June 1985 42
37 March 1986 60
38 August 1986 52
39 1986
40 1988 20
44-45 20
50 September 1993 38 Appeared after issue #51
57 November 1997

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